Stay connected to your family and friends while you’re on the go indoors or outdoors with Motorola’s ruggedly designed Talkabout two-way radios. These high-quality consumer radios are specially designed for activities such as hiking, camping, skiing, biking and other outdoor family sporting activities. They’re ideal for theme park adventures and even for a trip to the mall, and these easy-to-use walkie-talkies are child-friendly.

These Talkabout radios use the GMRS and FRS radio frequency bands. Most of the Motorola Talkabout models can be used with either GMRS or FRS. The Motorola Talkabout MH230R uses the FRS band only. The chart on this page shows the Talkabout radio frequencies, along with commonly used channels.

The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) band is designed for short-distance radio communications. The Family Radio Service (FRS) band, for very short distances, is intended for family and group activities. FRS channels may be used without an FCC license.

01462.5625FRS 1GMRS 9
02462.5875FRS 2GMRS 10
03462.6125FRS 3GMRS 11
04462.6375FRS 4GMRS 12
05462.6625FRS 5GMRS 13
06462.6875FRS 6GMRS 14
07462.7125FRS 7GMRS 15
08467.5625FRS 8
09467.5875FRS 9
10467.6125FRS 10
11467.6375FRS 11
12467.6625FRS 12
13467.6875FRS 13
14467.7125FRS 14

16462.5750GMRS 2
17462.6000GMRS 3
18462.6250GMRS 4
19462.6500GMRS 5
20462.6750GMRS 6
21462.7000GMRS 7
22462.7250GMRS 8
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