Motorola HKLN4601 Discreet Earpiece and Mic – HKLN4477 (PTT) For: CLS DTR RDX RM XTN DLR radios.

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Motorola’s HKLN4478/HKLN4477/HKLN4601 discreet earpiece mic gives your staff an air of authority right off the bat when customers enter your business. You see, the translucent curly earpiece is the same type used by news anchors and secret service personnel, so it instantly evokes those images in the minds of your clientele.

The discreet earpiece mic adds an air of elegance to your reception or concierge employees and your security staff will get quick compliance when patrolling the grounds of your business or those of your clients. As they say business radio accessories make the man (or woman)!

NOTE FOR DENTISTS: Too many loops, masks and glasses crowding the top of your ear? We understand that some dentists are pulling apart the earpiece tip that is inserted in the ear, and clipping off the top ~1″ of the tube and replacing the earpiece tip. This way, the earpiece can fit inside the ear and hang down without crowding the top of the ear. The weight of the piece is handled by clipping the mic onto the collar area. (Please note – Since this earpiece fits inside the ear, unlike most others, it is non-returnable for sanitary reasons.)


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