Step up your internal communications to connect with personnel or team members over a greater expanse with these long distance walkie-talkies. If those you need to reach are spread out over many floors in a high-rise office building, in different wings of a hospital or various departments of a large industrial warehouse, there are high-powered UHF two-way radios with an indoor range up to 30 floors. For personnel on large commercial farms, golf courses, outdoor festivals, road construction sites and other far-reaching outside locations, you’ll find VHF two-way radios with an outdoor range as much as 300,000 to 370,000 square feet, or close to 7 miles.

What particular characteristics give a walkie-talkie radio wide range? For maximum coverage, you’ll typically want a two-way radio that has 4 or 5 watts of power. The antenna will likely be a whip antenna style, though with some models you’ll see here, the antenna is removable so you can replace it with a stubby antenna, for those instances where you require a compact size rather than maximum coverage. If it’s in the 4-5 watt range, the radio will still be quite powerful.

The best long distance radios indoors might not be the same as the best long distance radios outdoors. For exclusively or primarily outdoor use, VHF radios are preferable for maximum range, since VHF frequencies will travel farther than UHF frequencies, so long as the location is relatively free of obstructions. An area without too many buildings, a mountaintop or an open field would fall into this category. UHF signals are more adept at penetrating concrete, steel and wood, which gives you better performance and increased range in urban areas, around buildings and in dense forests as well. In general, choose a UHF two-way radio for the greatest range indoors and a VHF radio for the widest range outdoors.

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